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Life is fast but fun. The potential for growth and adventure have never been greater.

At Four Points FCU, we see an exciting future for our Nebraska members, and it all starts with making personal finance easy and convenient so you can experience more life and less stress.

Whether you’re a young student in Omaha, or a busy parent balancing your career and family, a Graduate Student, or a Boomer starting your third career, Four Points is here to serve, equip and empower you to achieve your dreams.

We believe your best days are ahead, and that’s why we invite you to let Four Points help you

Our True North

Our name embodies our commitment to help our members navigate their financial lives with financial education, low-fee products and high quality service. Your needs and your best interests guide us. When we design financial products like car loans and mortgages or checking and savings accounts, we maximize their value to you and your financial life. We keep our members in mind too as we deliver our services. That means you can always expect someone to be available and helpful when you call.

Our Roots

Since 1934, Four Points has helped members of all ages make wise financial decisions for each of the four financial points in life. From childhood through college and raising a family to retirement and beyond, we apply innovation and insight to help our members grow. Being a virtual credit union with members in all 50 states forced us to innovate early on to meet the needs of our members. We quickly adopted and embraced technologies like electronic signatures and online account opening to make banking simple and convenient for our members.

Our Mission

To guide, educate, and support every Four Points member to achieve financial success.

Our Values

Four Points combines convenient online and mobile banking with the personalized service of knowledgeable Member Assistants. Every Four Points team member has a deep commitment of service that is summarized in our Four Guiding Principles:

  • Integrity First: We will do the right thing, for every member, every single time.
  • Improve & Innovate: We will continually focus on developing new ways to make our services simpler, easier and cost effective for our members
  • Inspire & Encourage: We will create a wonderful customer experience so that the service we provide at Four Points, is one of the high points of a member’s day.
  • Go Above & Beyond: We know how busy real life is, so we actively assist members with paperwork, special arrangements, and find ways to make things easier and less of a hassle.

How To Join Four Points

Midwest Residents

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You are eligible to join Four Points if you are a consumer who lives, works, attends school or worship services in any of these Midwestern states:


South Dakota

Your membership with Four Points is provided at no cost to you through the Nebraska Consumer Council (NECC). NECC is a non-profit, member-driven consumer education organization. Click here for more details: NECC


Employees & Family

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Membership with Four Points is also available through Select Employee Groups and their immediate family members including spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. Below is a short list of our largest Employee Groups. Not sure if your employer is eligible? Click Here for the Complete List.

Ag Processing (AGP)
Farm Credit (nationwide)
Farmer’s National Co.
Producer’s Livestock
Nebraska Cooperatives
South Dakota Wheat Growers
Cooperative Producers
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