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Your Four Points Debit Card gives you freedom with your money. You can make purchases everywhere VISA is accepted including thousands of retailers, restaurants, and more as well as having access to your money 24/7 at ATMs world-wide. Also, at participating retailers, when using the card as debit, select “Yes” if you want cash back and enter or select the amount, saving you ATM fees and trips to the ATM. If you choose “Credit,” just sign and go. Either way, the money comes directly out of your checking account.

ATM Locations In Nebraska

You have access to over 1000 surcharge free ATM machines which display the NetWorks logo. This will change Summer 2017, check back for updates. To locate these ATMs, use the NetWorks ATM using this link: NEBRASKA NETWORKS ATM LOCATOR

ATM Locations in Other States

Your debit card can be used surcharge free at any of the 30,000 ATMs bearing the CO-OP Network logo. This logo (also shown below) appears on the back of your card. You can search for participating ATMs using this link: CO-OP ATM LOCATOR

Co-op ATM Logo

You can also download the CO-OP ATM Locator app from Google Play or the Apple Store. Just search for “Co-op ATM Locator”.