ATM Locations

Over 30,000 Surcharge Free Locations


Your Four Points Debit Card gives you freedom with your money. You can make purchases everywhere VISA is accepted, including thousands of retailers, restaurants, and more. You also have convenient access to your money 24/7 at any of our ATM locations and through many retailers using the debit cash back option at checkout.

CO-OP ATM Locations

There are still instances where cash is needed. Whether you need to tip the waiter, go to a garage sale, or just prefer having cash on hand, your Four Points debit card can be used surcharge free at any of the 30,000 ATM locations bearing the CO-OP Network logo. This logo also appears on the back of your debit card. You can search for participating ATM locations using this link: CO-OP ATM LOCATOR*

Looking for the nearest ATM while on the go? You can also download the CO-OP ATM Locator App from Google Play or the Apple Store. Just search for “Co-op ATM Locator” and look for the CO-OP logo. Mobile phones are making our lives more convenient every day, and searching for an ATM near me is easier than ever. With the help of our app, you can always find the nearest Co-op ATM so you can get access to cash from your account when you need it.

Cash Back at Retailers using Debit

Need cash and there is not an ATM location nearby? No problem! Many retailers now offer a cash back option at checkout. Simply select debit as your payment option and then the amount of cash back you need (you will have to know your PIN number). Cash back at checkout saves you time, fees and unnecessary trips to the ATM.

Co-Op ATM Logo

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