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Low Auto Loan Rates

Finding the right car loan can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The process of securing a loan on a vehicle should be simple, regardless if this is your first car, your first minivan or the vehicle of your dreams. Four Points takes the uncertainty out of the car buying process by providing car loans with low rates, flexible terms, and service that will make you smile. Our car loans are designed to get you back on the road and back to your life.


Compare Auto Loan Rates

Figure out the best financing for your budget by comparing current auto loan rates! Whether you’re in the market for a new auto loan or you want to refinance your current one, it’s important to take the time to review your available options.



The Financing Process

Understand Your Credit

When you are looking to buy a car, the first thing you should do is check your credit report. The better credit you have, the cheaper it is to borrow money from the bank. If you have a higher credit score and decent credit history, you may also qualify for lower auto loan interest rates. With good credit, it’s important to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best rates. Don’t get discouraged because of a low credit score as it won’t necessarily prevent you from getting a loan. Interest rates, however, can fluctuate depending on your score.


Pick Your Payment

Budgeting for an auto loan is very important to the car buying process. This is how you will figure out how much you can afford to spend each month on a car payment. Auto loans typically come in 3-,4-,5-, and 6-year terms. The longer term of the loan, the lower your monthly payment will be.


Get Pre-Approved

The right loan on a vehicle is important. Before you head to the dealership or take a peek online for your next vehicle, talk to Four Points about getting pre-approved for an auto loan. We can make your car buying experience easier and more enjoyable by taking care of the financing. Getting pre-approved by Four Points Federal Credit Union before you shop takes the uncertainty out of the equation, and can give you the confidence needed to shop anywhere for a new car, truck, SUV, ATV or motorcycle.



Auto Loan Financing Tips

Shorter Loan Terms

Ultimately, you want a shorter loan term with lower interest rates and higher monthly payments. The longer it takes you to repay a loan, the more interest you will end up paying. It might seem tempting to stretch out an auto loan for the five or six-month term to have a lower monthly payment, but that just means you’ll pay a lot more in interest and owe more on the loan than the car is actually worth.


Try to Put 20 Percent Down

Putting money down on your car may seem like an obvious decision, but most dealerships don’t require buyers with good enough credit to make a down payment at all. However, not putting any money down on your new vehicle can be risky. Typically, putting down 20 percent or more will benefit you in the long run, and in some cases, end up reducing the size of your car loan.



Additional Vehicle Loans Available

  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
  • Boats
  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Motorcycles

Enjoy the Ride with Four Points

An auto loan is just an auto loan, until it’s not. When everything is running smoothly, it doesn’t really matter who is processing your car loan or how they manage it. When something breaks down or you hit a bump in the road, that’s where Four Points’ member service makes all the difference. Think of it this way: we don’t just help you get into the car you want, we make sure you enjoy the ride.

Join Four Points and get a car loan on your terms, from the comfort of your car, couch or cubicle!

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