Term Certificate

A savings strategy that pays off over the short term or the long haul.

Higher Yields with a Four Points Certificate

Highlighted features of product

Save on your schedule
Choose Certificates with terms ranging from 6 to 48 months.
Patience pays off
Maximize your earnings while locking in a guaranteed great rate
Good starting point
It only takes $1,000 to open a Term Certificate account.
Roll it over, easy
You can automatically renew your Certificate once it reaches maturity.

Timing can be everything. In this case, you control it.

You've planned ahead. You have a good grasp of your financial needs moving forward. And a one-size-fits-all savings strategy just won't cut it. With Term Certificates from Four Points Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, you have the freedom to save on a schedule that aligns with your unique realities. The other big savings benefit? A high fixed interest rate, which means you know from the start you're going to come out ahead of the game.

  • Four Points Term Certificates earn a higher rate than most traditional Savings accounts
  • Lock in these higher interest rates for anywhere from six months to four years
  • Special promotions may include Certificates with different savings terms and minimum dollar amounts
  • You may forfeit some dividend earnings if you withdraw funds early, but your initial investment is always safe
  • Deposits insured by the National Credit Union Administration

Better savings starts here.

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                            APY is Annual Percentage Yield. $1,000 minimum to open non-promotional Term Certificates. Penalty for early withdrawal of regular and add-on certificates is 90 days dividends for terms 12 months or less, 180 days dividends for terms greater than 12 months. Fees may reduce yield. Certificates will automatically renew at the standard Certificate rates for the same term at maturity. See Account Terms & Membership Disclosures and our Certificate Agreement & Disclosure for complete details.
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                            Ready, Set, Grow!

                            No matter your next step, Four Points FCU can help you get there.