Credit Cards

Searching for the perfect credit card? Explore the benefits of our world-class Visa credit cards.
Zero Annual Fees
Balance Transfers Available
Options For Every Spender

A credit solution for everyday life.

Everyone is a little bit different in their spending habits, which is why Four Points Federal Credit Union wanted to provide three distinct credit card options for our members. From our first time credit builders, to our savvy low interest rate shoppers, to members who simply enjoy receiving cashback rewards from their daily purchases—we are confident that there is a credit card for you!

Four Points Visa Credit Card
Premier Visa® Credit Card
Offered with the best interest rates in mind.
Rewards Visa® Credit Card
Earn points to redeem for gift cards, travel, cash back, and more.
Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card
New to credit cards? This is the best place to start.
Four Points Federal Credit Union is a full-service credit union headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

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