About Us

Think of us as a trusted guide on your journey to financial success.

We're here to help you reach life's high points.

Pursue goals. Chase dreams. Leap hurdles. Grow wiser. Life is full of, well, everything. Adventure and challenges, rich experiences and satisfying moments of success.

At Four Points Federal Credit Union, we believe everyone's future is filled with unlimited possibilities. And we believe we can help put you on the right path by strengthening your finances, providing timely funding for life's big moments and offering a wealth of money management tools that leave you with more time and less stress.

Maybe you’re a young student in Omaha. Or a busy parent trying to balance work and family. Or an ambitious entrepreneur looking to launch a business. Or perhaps you're winding down a long career and looking forward to years of retirement bliss.

No matter who you are, and where you're headed, Four Points is certain that your best days lie ahead. We'd be honored to support your financial journey, empower your dreams - and help you grow through every stage of your life.

Our True North

Four Points helps members of all ages make wise financial decisions for each of the four financial points in life. From childhood through college and raising a family to retirement and beyond, we apply innovation and insight to help our members grow.

Our Roots

Four Points FCU is a modern-day credit union with longstanding roots inside the Omaha community. Originally established in 1934 as one of the first 12 credit unions serving employees of the Farm Credit System, we organized as the Farm Credit Administration Cooperative Credit Association. In 2005, we converted to a federal charter and adopted the name Four Points in order to better reflect our new ability to serve members across all 50 states, in all directions.

Our Mission

To guide, educate, and support every Four Points member to achieve financial success.

Our Values

Four Points combines convenient Online and Mobile Banking with the personalized service of knowledgeable member service specialists. Every Four Points team member has a deep commitment of service that is summarized in our Four Guiding Principles:

  • Integrity First: We will do the right thing, for every member, every single time.
  • Improve & Innovate: We will continually focus on developing new ways to make our services simpler, easier and cost-effective for our members
  • Inspire & Encourage: We will create a wonderful customer experience so that the service we provide at Four Points is one of the high points of a member’s day.
  • Go Above & Beyond: We know how busy real life is, so we actively assist members with paperwork, make special arrangements and find ways to make things easier and less of a hassle.
Four Points Federal Credit Union is a full-service credit union headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.