The Four Points

Helping you grow through life, no matter where you are.

Financial guidance for your life journey is here.

As we grow, we move through four distinct financial points, or stages, of life. Our attitudes towards money and understanding of important financial topics - like spending, saving, and investing - take hold during these stages.

The Dream

We like to think of the first financial point as ‘The Dream.’ Beginning in elementary school, this is when we start pondering what we want to be and do when we grow up. Since most dreams require some form of funding, we teach kids about money and the importance of planning for their future financial needs.

The Dream is your time to:

  • Open your first Savings account
  • Learn about healthy saving strategies and habits
  • Set financial goals and reach them
  • Review different types of credit and investments

Money is a big part of making your dreams come true because you need it to buy important things – from paint, lemons and cups to college classes, suits and shiny new shoes. We are here to help you learn the secrets about money – what it is, how you earn it, and how to use it, so you can chase your dream.

The Quest

‘The Quest’ forms our second financial point and begins late in high school, when students consider specific career options and life beyond graduation. This leg of the journey is brimming with hard work, but no quest is complete without the proper rewards!

The Quest is your time to:

  • Purchase your first car
  • Research opportunities after graduating, such as college or trade school
  • Build your credit score through responsible spending on a credit card
  • Deposit paychecks into your very own Checking account

From driving away in your first vehicle, to going to college, to starting a career, many important firsts lie ahead. As you experience those ‘firsts,’ you will need to learn how to manage and master your money efficiently. No matter your financial background, know that we’re always here with the help, knowledge, and know-how to start your quest.

The Adventure

The third financial point begins with marriage and all the various challenges and opportunities that accompany kids, houses, saving for retirement, and beyond. We call this stage ‘The Adventure’, the exciting point of life where you really get to experience, explore, and grow.

The Adventure is your time to:

  • Buy your first home
  • Invest in your future retirement
  • Learn how to manage and pay down existing debt such as student loans
  • Save for future vacations or a child’s college tuition

Whether you’re starting a family, buying a home, advancing in your career - or all of the above - you have a full and exciting life ahead of you. By the time your head hits the pillow at night, we wager there’s little time or energy left to fully focus on your financial future. This is why we’re readily available to boost you up with tips and advice on how to balance competing financial obligations and keep your ducks in a row, so you can live your adventure!

The Harvest

The fourth stage of the journey is ‘The Harvest.’ This golden time of life is rife with opportunities, and opens up new horizons for comfort, understanding, and relaxation.

The Harvest is your time to:

  • Enjoy your retirement
  • Give back to your community or favorite organization
  • Take up a new hobby or pursue your passion
  • Travel and explore

Take a deep breath – you’ve earned it. A lifetime of financial diligence will afford you what is hopefully a comfortable retirement. And if any doubts still linger, we’re here to help plan out an efficient way to maximize your retirement funds. It’s time to kick back, enjoy your hard work, and reap your harvest!

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