Cold Season Energy Conservation

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Autumn is finally here! Despite Nebraska temperatures still trying to figure out if it wants to remain warm or cold, it's only a matter of time before the air remains chilly and A/C is replaced with toasty furnaces and portable heaters.

Prevent a huge seasonal drain on your utilities (and checking accounts) by observing these energy saving tips:


Minimize Drafts, Maximize Heat

Try to keep your curtains open during the day, allowing sunlight to naturally heat your home. They can be covered up during the night to reduce the chill creeping in from outside. Also double-check your windows to prevent unnecessary drafts, using heavy-duty plastic sheet around interior window frames or applying special thermal window treatments to block the cold. 
Finally, it's recommended to close the doors and vents of all unused rooms as it will both help those rooms maintain heat and reduce the strain of your heating system.


Adjust Your Temperatures

When you’re at home, try to keep the thermostat set as low—but comfortable—as possible. It's recommended to keep home temperatures at or around 68 degrees during the day and slightly lower at night, which can save you almost 10% in annual energy consumption. Installing a programmable or “smart” thermostat can help you manage heat while you’re away and maintain an efficient heat schedule. Just make sure it isn’t too low as your pipes can freeze without enough warmth!


Make The Switch To LED

Changing out older bulbs or holiday lights with their LED counterparts can reduce excess bulb heat and increase the efficiency of your lamps & lighted fixtures for many years to come. Not only do LEDs use approximately 75% less electricity than their incandescent counterparts, but they last 25 times longer.


Add Some Layers

Before cranking up the heat, consider putting on additional layers of cozy clothing such as sweaters, knit caps, or woolen socks. Covering up with large comforters or duvets at night can also ensure you stay comfortable without relying on the furnace to run all night.


Focus Your Heat

Space heaters are great for keeping a very specific place in the house warm, but can come at an increased cost when left running around the clock. Use space heaters strategically such as in bedrooms or in sensitive areas where pipes are prone to freezing.


Final Thoughts

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