Fee-Free Saving Account: Choice Certificates

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There are plenty of savings account options out there for a person to explore, each with their own unique purpose depending on your financial goals. While many people aim to build up an emergency or rainy-day fund in a basic Savings account, others look at maximizing the earning potential of higher balances—typically through a Money Market account or Term Certificate.
Seeing a want and a need for both types of higher-earning savings accounts in this bumpy economy, Four Points Federal Credit Union combined the best of both worlds to create our Choice Certificate—a new way to save that pairs fund flexibility with zero penalties, starting with a $25,000 initial deposit.



While our Choice Certificate fundamentally operates like a regular Term Certificate, it has one major advantage that most certificates do not: funds can be withdrawn early—with zero penalty—just six days after account funding.

Unlike regular certificates that incur 90 or 180 days' worth of dividend penalties upon early closure, our Choice Certificate allows you the choice to move your funds where they matter most and keep all the dividends earned in the meantime. No monthly certificate maintenance fees, no penalties, no worries!



Why bother with a fixed Term Certificate when earning interest rates & yields keep increasing? While it's true that as the Federal Reserve continues to raise the prime, so follows most earning rates. However, once rates begin to drop, so will your earning potential in conventional market-rate based accounts.

A Choice Certificate gives you the power of locking into a great, competitive interest rate now at a fixed term so if earning rates should fall with the market, your Choice Certificate rate won't change. If instead the market surges and you need to move those funds quickly to a different savings or checking account, you can rely on the benefit of zero early withdrawal penalties to keep your hard-earned dividends safe.



If our Choice Certificate sounds like the next perfect financial tool in your savings arsenal, let's get you earning more today! Simply click the button below and fill out one of our request forms online. A Relationship Specialist will be in touch shortly to finalize your new account and then you're all set!

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