Flexible Savings Accounts with Interest!

Regular Savings

Unfortunately, accidents and emergencies happen, which is why it is a good idea to set up a savings account. A savings account is a great way to ensure that you are financially stable, so you are prepared to handle the finances that come with accidents or emergencies. Regular Savings is a hassle free, simple savings account option that allows you to deposit or withdraw funds whenever and however you need. Whether you maintain a balance of $10 or $10,000, there is no minimum balance or monthly service charge.

High Points Savings

Did you know you could get points for saving your money? It is a win-win situation! Our High Points Savings rewards you for maintaining a higher balance in your savings account. The more you save in your account, the better the rate! See current rate tiers for more details.

Youth Savings

Are your kids interested in learning about money and how to save it? Or better yet, do you want to teach your kids how to be financially stable? Our Youth Savings encourages healthy financial habits for members 18 years of age or younger. Youth Accounts are easy to manage and reward young savers with the top tier rate earned on our regular savings accounts, regardless of their account balance!

*Please review Membership Disclosures and Truth in Savings Rate and Fee schedule for additional account details and additional rate details.

  • Flexibility
  • Great interest rates
  • Accessibility
  • Youth options

Virtual Banking at its Best

As a virtual credit union with members in all 50 states, we learned to innovate early on to meet the needs of our members. We quickly adopted and embraced technologies like electronic signatures and online account opening to make banking simple and convenient for our members, no matter where they live.

From electronic signatures to EFTs, Four Points frees you to bank on your terms, from the comfort of your car, couch or cubicle.