WHICH OF THE FOUR FINANCIAL points are you in?

Financial guidance for your life journey is here.

As we grow, we move through four distinct financial points, or stages, of life. Our attitudes towards money and understanding of important financial topics like spending, saving, and investing take hold during these stages.


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The Dream

Learn to use money the right way so you can reach YOUR DREAM.

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The Quest

Master your money. Master YOUR FUTURE.

Young Adults
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The Adventure

Learn to balance family, time and money HERE.

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The Harvest

Get ready for a new season of GROWTH.


What is Your Dream?

We like to think of the first financial point as ‘The Dream;’ beginning in Elementary school, this is when we start pondering what we want to be and do when we grow up. Since most dreams require money, we help you teach your kids about money and the importance of planning for their future financial needs.

Money is a big part of making your dreams come true, because you need money to buy things – like paint, lemons and cups (or college classes, suits and fancy shoes). Four Points Credit Union helps you learn the secrets about money here – what it is; how you earn it; and how to use it to chase your dream.

  • What is Money?
  • What is a Budget?
  • What is a Credit Card?
  • What is Investing?
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Become a Money Master

The Quest’ forms our second financial point and happens in late high school, when students consider concrete career options. This leg of the journey is brimming with hard work and a desire to succeed. We help you with financial information to prepare for your quest.

Life is an adventure and you’re ready to live it! From buying your first car to going to college to starting a career, many important firsts lie ahead. As you experience those ‘firsts,’ you will learn to manage and master your money efficiently. Enjoy the ride with financial guideposts from Four Points Federal Credit Union that fuel your quest.

  • Save for College
  • Make a Budget
  • Understand Credit Cards
  • Buy a Car
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Find the Balance You Seek

The third financial point begins with marriage and all the competing challenges and opportunities that accompany kids, houses, saving for retirement and more. We call this stage ‘The Adventure’ and support you through it with valuable financial products and information.

Whether you’re starting a family, buying a home, advancing in your career, or all of the above, you have a full and exciting life. By the time your head hits the pillow at night, there’s little time (or energy) left to focus on your financial future. Here, you’ll find helpful tips and sage advice from Four Points on how to balance competing financial obligations and keep your financial house in order so that you can live your adventure.

  • Learn to Budget
  • Discuss Money With Your Mate
  • Saving for Retirement AND College
  • Dealing With Debt
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Now is Your Time to Shine

The fourth stage of the journey is ‘The Harvest;’ This golden time of life is ripe with opportunities to explore new horizons, challenges, opportunities and adventures. We help you reward a lifetime of diligence with financial products and information to enrich your journey.

Take a breath. Heck, take time to stop and smell the roses. You’ve earned it. A lifetime of hard work has you looking forward to retirement. Your future now takes center stage. It’s your turn to fly.

  • Empty Nest = Full Life
  • Reinvent Yourself in Retirement
  • How to Make a Retirement Budget
  • Still Saving?
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