The Harvest

Get ready for a new season of GROWTH.

Four Points Credit Union grew up serving those working in agriculture. While we now deliver financial products to a more diverse membership, the way we deliver them are rooted in notions of growth and seasons of life. So when we call this financial point in your life ‘The Harvest,’ we mean it. Now is the time for you to enjoy the fruit of your many years of labor. All of the early mornings and late nights you’ve worked to save and spend wisely have been working toward this – your time to shine.

The Harvest is your season to:


  • See the world
  • Spend time with family
  • Take up new hobbies
  • Pursue your passions
  • Give back to your community

You’ve earned the opportunity to rest, revive and reinvent yourself. Whatever that looks like for you, even if it means still saving for that joyous day when you clock your last 40-, 60- or 80-hour workweek, Four Points in Omaha, Nebraska is here to help you celebrate the harvest.

Services for your financial point in life

Real Life Stories

“I love the new mobile app! No more mailing in checks, I can just take a picture with my phone and it’s done!” – Four Points Member

“Great savings and certificate rates!” – Four Points Member

“I’ve had two mortgages and four car loans with Four Points over the last 20 years! They offer great rates and the staff were always so helpful. Thanks Four Points!” – Four Points Member

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