The Quest

Master your money and you’ll master your future.

Life is a journey. It sounds cliché but it’s true. You’re working hard to prepare for your future; that might mean cracking the books or learning a new trade. Whatever direction you’re headed, by this financial life point, you’ve already experienced some important firsts –

  • Buying your first car
  • Deciding where to go to college
  • Getting your first credit card offer

Each first is a twist or turn on your journey toward fulfilling your dreams and living a life full of adventure and joy. Money plays an important role in every step on your path, because it’s required for so many of them. While money can’t buy you love, learning how to save, spend and invest it right can help you do what you love.

Four Points Credit Union offers tools and tips to help you master your money and prepare for your future with confidence and purpose.

Services for your financial point in life

Real Life Stories

“Online banking makes moving money really simple. My Dad can transfer money into my account whenever I’m running low on cash and I get a text message automatically when the money is in my account. Very easy!” - Four Points Member

“I got my first car loan at Four Points. Wow, that was easy! I applied online and had the money in my account the next day, with a great rate!” - Four Points Member

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